Are you looking for a professional, discreet, dedicated, trustworthy and hardworking PA?
I am currently a PA to a HNWI and am seeking to expand my experience of over 20 years. In my current role I deal with fluid and complex travel arrangements, diary management, international banking and a wide range of entrepreneurial investments. I work to international time zones when required, I am on call 24/7 and have never worked 9-5 in my career. A good PA never clock watches!
I have managed homes both in the UK and Europe. I have experience in overseeing renovations, rebuilds, household budgets, housekeeping staff, chauffeurs and general maintenance. I have assisted with school and university applications, family holidays including hiring private charters and renting private yachts. I have also supervised the day-to-day running of a privately owned aeroplane.
Along with strong negotiating skills, I have good connections to some of the finest restaurants in London. Having built up relationships with various travel companies to always get the best possible deal on all aspects of travel, balanced with my own sourcing.
I am a problem solver and never get flustered under pressure. I work to deadlines in a calm and efficient manner. I can work autonomously or within a team environment.
My current notice period is four weeks. I have no holiday commitments, and I am able to work in London and Surrey.
To me, being a PA is about being able to allow you to go about your business, safe in the knowledge that everything is being taken care of. From meetings to dinner parties to travel arrangements to making sure the fridge is replenished!
A PA is someone who is there to make your life run smoothly and I am that person.